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BUZUD Portable Oxygen Concentrator GENEROUS

$4,580.00 (Inclusive of GST.)

  • Upgraded pulse flow settings 1 – 5, equivalent to 5 litres per minute of continuous oxygen flow
  • Lightweight and compact size at 1.98kg
  • Easy removal of external battery
  • Comes with sturdy and durable shoulder bag
  • Two rechargeable batteries of up to 5 and a half hours each

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REimagined How Oxygen Can Save Your Life.

An Oxygen concentrator helps to supply concentrated oxygen. Our patented Oxygen Concentrator supplies high oxygen purity level of 93% to 96% with a flow-rate between 0.5 to 5L per minute.

BUZUD Portable Oxygen Concentrator GENEROUS

An Oxygen concentrator helps to supply concentrated oxygen. Our Portable Oxygen Concentrator supplies oxygen on the go, with high purity levels of 93% to 96% and a flow-rate between 1 to 5L per minute.


Weight: 1.98kg

Max Flow: 5L/min

Oxygen Density: 93% +/- 3%

Running Noise: </= 38dB(A)

Continuous Working Time: 2 Batteries of up to 5.5 hours each on flow setting 1

Medically Safe Oxygen Purity Levels & Customizable Flow Rates


Our oxygen concentrator’s flow rate can also be customized according to your need.

93% – 96%

Oxygen Purity

1 – 5L

Flow Rate /min

Advanced Oxygen Purification Process

BUZUD’s Oxygen Concentrators do not use chemical processes to purify oxygen in the air. Instead, we use cryogenic distillation, which removes the risk of any unsafe chemical byproducts in the output oxygen.

Oxygen is extracted and filtered with BUZUD’s proprietary molecular sieve technology, then put through a high heat and pressure purification process.

Purification is carried out in batches, using a cryogenic distillation process. The machine uses a highly-priced noble metal catalytic repository to cool the gas. Then through heat exchange, it absorbs and refines the raw oxygen.

Using the molecular sieve technology again, the byproducts of the high heat and pressure processes are filtered out and pure oxygen is delivered to the patient.

Comparing the SZ-5BW-5L and the Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator SZ-5BW-5L


183 x 86 x 199 mm

430 x 310 x 560mm




Battery Life

2 – 8 hours (Based on Selected Flow Rate)

24 Hours (Continuous Use)

Flow Rate

1 – 5L /Minute

0.5 – 10L /Minute



Red, White


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