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10 Tips to Safeguard Your Health at Home

10 Tips to Safeguard Your Health at Home

Taking care of your health is often more difficult than it sounds. Busy work schedules amidst the endless commitments can lead us to neglect the one thing that truly matters – our bodies. 

Caring for your health does not stop after a doctors’ visit, but carries over into our everyday lives. Especially so in unprecedented times where hospitalisation rates and doctor visits have skyrocketed, it is imperative to take ownership of our wellbeing at all times; not just to protect ourselves but also our loved ones.


Here are some tips to start your personal wellness journey:

Tip #1: Always Make Time for Exercise

Everyone knows the benefits of exercise; weight loss, muscle gain, reduced risk of certain illnesses, and much more. Always remember that any exercise is better than none – invest just 20 minutes of your day for a healthier you. 

Easily clock in your workouts from the comfort of your own home using the myriad of home workout tutorials and guide-alongs available online, courtesy of the pandemic. 

However, be mindful of your personal limits and always be on the lookout for warning signs. Keep track of vital health information with fitness trackers or smart watches, like BUZUD’s Smart Lifestyle Watch T12, which provides 24-hour real time detection with health data monitoring such as heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure and more.


Tip #2: Eat Healthy, Snack Healthy

Exercise alone cannot keep our bodies in shape. Complement your new-found active lifestyle with a balanced diet, foods with less salt and oil, and more fibre through vegetables and fruits. Prepare your own meals at home to keep track of exactly what you eat.


Tip #3: Monitor Your Health Closely

Many ailments can be better managed with early diagnosis. Apart from scheduling regular health checkups to prevent and detect illnesses, always monitor your health conditions with the appropriate tools at home.

For instance, ECG machines can help in detection of heart problems. Evaluate your heart health with the Health Monitor Checkme Lite, a portable and lightweight ECG machine made for home use to detect anomalies and irregularities with your heart. 

Tip #4: Get Plenty of Rest

The body is stronger than we think; taking time to recharge the body can do wonders for our health. Clock in at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep a day, rid of all distractions to energise your body for the next day.

Tip #5: Stay Hydrated

Water is crucial to our wellbeing for many reasons: to maintain organ functionality, regulate body temperature, and prevent infections. Staying hydrated also has its benefits, such as improving our sleep quality, mood and even skin. Drinking water is not limited to quenching your thirst, always remember to hydrate at regular intervals throughout the day.

Tip #6: Manage Your Symptoms at Home

In a time where COVID cases are still commonplace, try to limit public appearances when feeling under the weather. Manage your symptoms at home, and turn to tele-consultations when faced with mild symptoms. 

Tip #7: Maintain Your Appearance

Keeping yourself groomed has more benefits than you think. Taking care of your appearance can improve your mental well-being, sleep quality, and even prevent certain diseases.

Tip #8: Have a Home Setup Catered to Your Ailments

For patients with existing conditions, it is of utmost importance to monitor and manage your symptoms outside of healthcare institutions. Therefore you should ensure you have a conducive set up and the necessary tools for symptom management.

The most common chronic conditions known as the “Three Highs” consist of high blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol. These conditions, while common, should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, they can be easily monitored with home-based tools. It might be worthwhile to invest in such devices, like BUZUD’s Lipid and Glucose Analyser which serves as a 2-in-1 device to measure your blood sugar and cholesterol conveniently. BUZUD also offers single-function devices such as the Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, and the Blood Glucose Monitoring System to suit your health needs. 

Tip #9: Keep a Journal of Your Wellbeing

Symptoms can be easily overlooked if not monitored closely. Make it a habit to note down your daily health condition, recording any health symptoms and follow up if needed.

Apart from your physical condition, it is also important to take care of your mental wellbeing. While journaling, note down your daily mood, emotions and other feelings to internalise and improve emotional health.

Tip #10: Take Care of Your Emotions

Always try to manage stress and unpleasant feelings and end the day in a good mood.

Do an activity that you enjoy, or pick up a relaxation practice; meditate, read a book, take a walk or confide in someone if needed. 


Overall, managing your health at home is not as daunting as it seems. Start taking charge of your health by incorporating these tips into your daily life, one step at a time.


To discover and learn more about other personal healthcare management tools, click here.



All information presented herein serves as a general guideline, and is not intended as dispensing any medical advice(s). User(s) should consult their doctor to seek further clarification for any doubt. It is recommended to refer to this guide with sole discretion, thereby we shall not be held responsible for any part of the information as presented.

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