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What is Oxygen?

What is Oxygen?

Oxygen is essential for humans. We can survive for 1 to 2 months without food, around 3 days without water, but we cannot survive for more than a few minutes without oxygen. When we breathe in, fresh oxygen flows into our lungs, which process the oxygen and allows red blood cells to carry the oxygen molecules throughout your bloodstream. Oxygen helps to supply your body with energy, supports your immune system, and keeps your body functioning.


What happens if you don’t have enough oxygen?

Hypoxia is when your body does not get enough oxygen. There could be numerous reasons why your body is unable to get enough oxygen, such as:

  • Air pollution
  • Being at high altitude
  • Intense physical activity or exercises

There are also various medical conditions that can lead to a lack of oxygen, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Pneumonia
  • Heart failure
  • Sleep apnea
  • Lung disease

Without enough oxygen, you can start to feel short of breath, or have a fast heart rate. Other possible symptoms include coughing or wheezing, feeling fatigued or confused, sweating, or changes in skin colour.


How do you measure blood oxygen levels?

It’s important to know how to track your oxygen levels, especially if you start to feel breathless or dizzy. Blood oxygen levels can be measured with devices such as a pulse oximeter. It is a device that is usually clipped onto a finger and measures your blood oxygen level, also known as the SpO2 level. The standard oxygen level should be around 95-100% when measured with an oximeter. When the oxygen level drops below 95%, steps will need to be taken to increase the oxygen level back into normal ranges, whether it be by natural means or by supplemental oxygen.

The Buzud Smartwatch T12 is a comprehensive healthcare smartwatch that can accurately measure not just your heart rate and your sleep hours, but also your blood oxygen levels.

Buzud Smartwatch T12

Includes 1 smartwatch, 1 charging dock, 1 instruction manual

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Knowing your blood oxygen levels is important to monitoring your health. Taken in conjunction with various other metrics, important health information about our bodies can be derived from these information and may assist in early detection of medical problems.


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