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5 Tips to Control Blood Sugar

5 Tips to Control Blood Sugar

It is important to monitor and maintain our blood glucose level within the acceptable and healthy range. If blood sugar levels are too high, it can be life-threatening and cause long-term health complications.

Here are some tips to naturally regulate your blood sugar levels:


Exercising regularly helps our body control blood sugar levels. Don’t worry! We are not talking about an intensive training schedule. In fact, light physical activity like brisk walking or simple resistance exercises like squats can lower blood sugar levels as our cells become more insulin-sensitive, they are better able to absorb glucose from our blood to fuel our body with energy.

Our BUZUD Smart Watches will help track your fitness to bring you closer to your goals and motivate you to exercise.



We must make sure to stay hydrated since water is vital to our bodies. Drinking sufficient water can flush out excess sugar in our bloodstream and keep our blood sugar level within the healthy range.

Do keep in mind to reduce your intake of sugary beverages like soft drinks because they have no nutritional value and can create a spike in your blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar level can be measured using our BUZUD Blood Glucose Monitoring Device to make sure it is within a healthy range.



Our blood sugar level rises when we consume carbohydrates. However, not all carbs are bad! We can switch to a diet that incorporates complex carbs and foods high in fibre.

Complex carbs should be consumed in moderation for a healthy diet. Foods like quinoa which is also high in protein and brown rice fall within this category. However, it is best to stay away from simple carbs such as pasta and white bread.

Fibre is effective in controlling our blood sugar levels. This is because fibre cannot be absorbed and digested by the body hence, blood sugar levels don’t spike. Furthermore, fibre can help us feel fuller longer, which reduces the urge to eat frequently.

Here are some foods high in fibre that you can include in your diet:

  • Fruits (Apples, Oranges, Banana)
  • Vegetables (Broccoli, Carrot)
  • Beans & Legumes (Lentils, Green Beans)
  • Nuts



Sleep and blood sugar levels are interrelated. Sleep deprivation can increase insulin resistance, which makes it harder for our bodies to move glucose from the bloodstream to our cells. Hence, this causes our blood sugar level to increase. That’s why it is crucial to get 7 to 9 hours of high-quality sleep every day.

Here are some ways to improve your sleep quality:

  • Dim the Bright Lights
  • Listen to Soothing Music or White Noise
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Cut Down on Caffeine

Also, does this situation seem familiar to you? Even though you slept for at least eight hours, you still feel exhausted all day. You may be experiencing sleep apnea if this sounds familiar to you. Due to a shortage of oxygen in the bloodstream and an increase in carbon dioxide levels, sleep apnea can have an impact on our blood sugar levels. When this occurs, insulin resistance increases, which raises blood glucose levels. Therefore, to tackle your breathing and snoring problems, you can have a better night’s sleep with the use of our BUZUD Ventilators.

Additionally, with the use of our BUZUD Smart Watches, you can track the quality of your sleep and receive valuable data that will enable you to improve your sleep experience and obtain deeper insights into your sleeping patterns so that you can prep yourself to get a good night’s rest.



Our bodies release hormones that increase blood sugar when we are under stress. We should set aside time to cultivate stress-relief habits like yoga and meditation to better manage our stress and regulate blood sugar levels. Together with our BUZUD Oxygen Concentrators, these habits can help our bodies receive more oxygen, which can keep us active and help us feel better.

Ultimately, there are a number of ways to lower our blood sugar level, from resistance training to staying hydrated. Most importantly, we should change our diet and to get enough sleep every day. Start today by making the necessary changes to become your healthiest self!



All information presented herein serves as a general guideline, and is not intended as dispensing any medical advice(s). User(s) should consult their doctor to seek further clarification for any doubt. It is recommended to refer to this guide with sole discretion, thereby we shall not be held responsible for any part of the information as presented.

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