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BUZUD High-Flow Nasal Cannula NeoHiF-i7

$53,780.00 (Inclusive of GST.)

  • High flow range up to 80L/min
  • Unique intelligent voice alarm
  • PM2.5 filter
  • Wide dew-point temperature regulation at 29 to 37 degrees
  • Decomposes oxygen molecules so that oxygen can easily enter blood cells to provide energy for the body, suitable for critically ill patients

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REimagined Oxygenation, Breathing Made Easier.

Acute respiratory challenges can be life-threatening if the amount of oxygen supply to your body is insufficient. REmediate with a nasal cannula to deliver regulated medical-grade oxygen at a flow rate of up to 80L/min. The level of oxygen concentration and humidified respiratory airflow can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the user. Powered with highly-efficacious Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) filtration effectiveness against smallest aerosolized particles in the air mixture to supply highly-purified oxygen molecules.


  1. High-flow oxygen delivery: The High-Flow Nasal Cannula i7 is designed to deliver a high-flow rate of oxygen, which can help to improve the oxygenation of patients with respiratory conditions.
  2. Comfortable: The nasal cannula is designed to be comfortable for patients to wear, with soft nasal prongs that fit snugly into the nostrils.
  3. Humidified oxygen: The High-Flow Nasal Cannula i7 delivers humidified oxygen, which can help to prevent dryness and irritation in the airways.
  4. Adjustable flow rate: The device has adjustable flow rates, allowing clinicians to customize oxygen delivery to meet the specific needs of individual patients.
  5. Easy to clean: The nasal cannula is designed to be easy to clean, with removable components that can be disinfected between uses.
  6. Versatile: The High-Flow Nasal Cannula i7 can be used in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and home care environments.
  7. Effective: The device has been shown to be effective in improving oxygenation in patients with respiratory conditions, reducing the need for more invasive forms of oxygen therapy.
  8. Cost-effective: The High-Flow Nasal Cannula i7 is a cost-effective option for delivering high-flow oxygen therapy, which can help to reduce healthcare costs over time.


Treatment Mode: High flow mode, Low flow mode

FiO2: 21%-100% (automatic)

Dew-point temperature range: 29 – 37 deg continuously adjustable

Flow Range: Flowrate 2-80L/min

Monitored Parameters: Temperature, Flowrate, Oxygen concentration, Respiratory frequency; Optional: SpO2, Pulse rate

Trend Graph: 1, 3, 7 days trend review

Voice Alarm: Standard

Oxygen Sensor: Non consumable material

Nurse call: Standard


Physical property

Dimensions: 310mmx175mmx185mm

Weight: 3 kg

Chamber capacity: ≥100ml

Tube: Length: 1.8 ± 0.18m

Environment condition

Normal operation

Temperature: 18 ~ 28 deg

Humidity: 10% – 95%, non-condensing

Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa – 106kPa

Electrical properties

Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5A-2.5A

Safety Type: Class II, BF

Waterproof level: IP21

Noise: When flow is 80L/min, the A-weighted sound pressure level of noise is not more than 45 dB

Chamber performance

Temperature regulation range: 29ºC to 37ºC

Air temperature at patient junction: < 43ºC

Humidifying capacity: Target temperature is 29 – 36ºC, the humidity is higher than 12 mg/L. Target temperature is 37ºC, the humidity is higher than 33 mg/L.

Heating plate power: < 160W

Regulating range of FiO2: 21% – 100%

Flow regulation range

In low flow made, setting range: 2L/min – 25L/min

In high flow made, setting range: 10L/min – 80L/min

Preheating time: 23ºC, flow 35L/min, delivery gas temperature reaches 29ºC in 10 minutes, and reaches 37ºC in 30 minutes.

Accuracy of oxygen sensor: The monitoring accuracy is ± (2.5% volume percentage +2.5% gas concentration)

SpO2 Monitoring Monitoring range: 35 – 100%, monitoring accuracy is ±2% of reading when ≥70%, less than 70% undefined

PR Monitoring: Monitoring range 30 – 240 PR/min, monitoring accuracy ±3 PR/min or ±2%, take the maximum

PP Monitoring: Monitoring range 4 – 45BPM, monitoring accuracy ± 15% or ± 4 times/min, take the maximum

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BUZUD is a Singapore Healthcare and Aesthetics brand.


This product supported by Fosun Information Technology, is approved by Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA), and is also widely approved by health authorities globally.


  1. Information provided herein is not intended as dispensing medical advice(s). User(s) should consult their doctor for any doubt or to seek further clarification prior to use of the said product.
  2. User(s) is / are advised to refer to the product manual provided for
    more details and instructions of use. We shall not be held responsible for all informations presented herein which is merely consolidated as a product overview with descriptions in general.
  3. All images presented herein are for illustration and visual purposes only, and may varied from the final product delivered. Actual specifications, weight, and prices of the product may deviate, and subjected to change(s) at any time.


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