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Empowering Diabetes Management: Innovations and Insights from Endocrinologist Kevin Tan

Empowering Diabetes Management: Innovations and Insights from Endocrinologist Kevin Tan

From glucose sensors to insulin pumps, advancements in technology are providing an array of options for effectively managing diabetes and controlling high blood sugar levels. Endocrinologist Kevin Tan, the vice-president of Diabetes Singapore, sheds light on diabetes, its types, and how innovations in diabetic care, including the BUZUD Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, are revolutionizing management approaches.

Q: What distinguishes Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and can these conditions be reversed?

Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes involve elevated blood glucose levels, with Type 1 resulting from the body’s immune system attacking insulin-producing cells, while Type 2 stems from insulin’s ineffectiveness. While neither is reversible or curable, both are treatable.

Q: Who is at a higher risk of developing diabetes?

Genetic factors contribute to Type 1 diabetes, while Type 2 risks include family history, age, weight, sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, high cholesterol, certain ethnic backgrounds, gestational diabetes, and conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Q: How should individuals effectively manage diabetes?

Effective diabetes management involves a continual process, varying from oral medications to insulin therapies. Lifestyle choices, including healthy eating, carbohydrate counting, regular exercise, and routine health checkups, play a crucial role. Type 1 diabetes requires a lifelong commitment to insulin therapy and vigilant glucose monitoring.

Weight management through healthy eating and exercise is key to preventing and managing Type 2 diabetes. Addressing accompanying conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol is equally vital.

Q: What are the latest innovations and technologies in diabetes management?

In medication, new drug classes not only lower blood glucose but also address weight, heart, kidney complications, and mortality. Smart insulin pens with finer needles provide painless injections and connect with applications for reminders and tracking. Insulin pumps, coupled with glucose sensors, create a closed-loop system for continuous insulin delivery. Painless glucose sensors offer comprehensive blood sugar data over days, aiding lifestyle decisions with pre-programmed alerts.

Q: What advice would you give to parents of children with Type 1 diabetes?

Parents supporting children with Type 1 diabetes should embrace technological advancements to simplify management. While challenges exist, focusing on a full life rather than solely on the disease enhances the well-being of both children and caregivers.

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