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Manage diabetes better by understanding S’pore’s Nutri-Grade system

Manage diabetes better by understanding S’pore’s Nutri-Grade system

Diabetes is a significant health concern in Singapore, driven by lifestyle changes and dietary habits. While the prevalence of diabetes in Singapore has stabilised in recent years, it remains at a concerning high, with about one in 12 Singapore residents currently affected by the condition. This highlights the ongoing challenges Singapore faces in managing and preventing diabetes, despite various public health initiatives and educational campaigns aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles.

The projected future burden of diabetes in Singapore is also alarming. If current trends continue, the number of residents with diabetes could reach one million by 2050. This projection underscores the urgency for comprehensive strategies to combat diabetes, including public awareness campaigns, early detection programs, and promoting healthier dietary choices. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of public health, Singapore has taken significant strides towards combating chronic diseases like diabetes. One of the latest initiatives is the implementation of the Nutri-Grade labelling system for beverages. This system aims to guide consumers towards healthier drink options by clearly indicating their sugar and fat content. With the expansion of Nutri-Grade requirements to cover freshly prepared beverages, understanding this measure can greatly aid in managing diabetes and other conditions by promoting informed and healthier consumer choices.

What is Nutri-Grade?

Nutri-Grade is a labelling system developed by the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) to help consumers make informed choices about their beverage consumption. This system assigns grades from A to D based on the sugar and fat content in drinks:

  • Grade A: Healthier choices with the lowest sugar and fat content.
  • Grade B: Moderate sugar and fat content.
  • Grade C: Higher sugar and fat content.
  • Grade D: Highest sugar and fat content, least recommended for regular consumption.

The labels are colour-coded, with Grade A in green and Grade D in red, making it easy for consumers to identify healthier options at a glance. Additionally, the labelling of Nutri-Grade C and D drinks is mandatory for both packaged and freshly-prepared beverages.

The Impact of Nutri-Grade on Consumer Choices

Research indicates that clear labelling can significantly influence consumer behaviour. A study published in The Straits Times highlighted that Nutri-Grade labels effectively steer consumers towards choosing drinks with lower sugar content. This impact is crucial in a country where diabetes is a serious concern. By opting for beverages with lower sugar levels, individuals can better manage their blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of developing diabetes, and the labelling of beverages can help individuals to do so with ease.

Managing Diabetes with Nutri-Grade and BUZUD

For individuals managing diabetes, monitoring and controlling sugar intake is vital. Nutri-Grade is a simple yet powerful tool to help diabetics make healthier beverage choices. By choosing drinks with lower Nutri-Grade scores, diabetics can avoid spikes in blood sugar levels and maintain better overall health.

Other than making better dietary choices, effective diabetes management also requires reliable and accurate monitoring tools. This is where BUZUD’s range of diabetes management products can make a significant difference. BUZUD offers a variety of devices designed to help diabetics monitor their condition with ease and accuracy.

BUZUD Diabetes Management Products

BUZUD’s series includes innovative solutions for diabetes management:

  1. Blood Glucose Monitors (BGMs): These devices provide accurate and quick readings of blood sugar levels, helping diabetics keep track of their condition throughout the day. This is suitable for individuals who require regular but not continuous glucose monitoring, including those who are newly diagnosed or have well-managed diabetes.
  2. Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs): CGMs offer real-time glucose monitoring, raising an alert any time they detect a spike in blood glucose levels. This provides valuable insights into how different foods and activities impact blood sugar levels. Such products are suitable for individuals who need continuous monitoring, such as those with Type 1 diabetes, those with fluctuating blood glucose levels, or anyone seeking a more detailed understanding of their glucose patterns.
  3. Insulin Delivery Devices: BUZUD’s insulin pens and pumps ensure precise and convenient administration of insulin, essential for maintaining optimal blood sugar levels.

By combining the guidance provided by Nutri-Grade labels with the advanced monitoring capabilities of BUZUD’s diabetes management products, individuals can take proactive steps towards better health and diabetes management.

The implementation of the Nutri-Grade labelling system for freshly prepared beverages marks a significant step in promoting healthier choices among consumers in Singapore. For those managing diabetes, this system, coupled with reliable tools from BUZUD, offers a comprehensive approach to maintaining optimal health. By staying informed and utilising available resources, individuals can lead healthier, more empowered lives.

For more information on BUZUD’s diabetes management products, visit BUZUD.



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