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BUZUD & Singapore Manufacturer Federation (SMF) Present Health EXPO 2024 – REimagine Home Care

BUZUD & Singapore Manufacturer Federation (SMF) Present Health EXPO 2024 – REimagine Home Care

SINGAPORE, 14th May, 2024 – BUZUD, Singapore’s leading innovator in health technology, partnered with the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), an esteemed organization championing the manufacturing and manufacturing-related industries since 1932, to host the Health EXPO 2024 – REimagine Home Care event at the HDB Hub Conference Center Auditorium on 11th May 2024. This groundbreaking event not only showcased advancements in healthcare technologies but also marked the dawn of a strategic collaboration aimed at transforming home healthcare in Singapore and beyond.


Innovative Solutions at the Forefront

The highlight of the event was the introduction of BUZUD’s next-generation Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), which sets new standards in diabetes management with instantaneous blood glucose level alerts. This innovation embodies BUZUD’s commitment to reducing costs and enhancing the accessibility of home healthcare equipment for Singaporeans.



A United Vision for Healthcare Excellence

Partnering with SMF heralds a new era of digitalization, innovation, and internationalization for Singapore’s healthcare sector. By incorporating state-of-the-art AI technology, offering product design expertise, and facilitating international certifications, BUZUD aims to empower SMF members and foster the development of a robust medical device sector in Singapore. This partnership includes extensive support in local warehousing and logistics, as well as access to BUZUD’s comprehensive B2B and B2C platforms. These resources will enable SMF members to effectively scale up and reach new markets worldwide.  Additionally, this collaboration underscores a shared dedication to localizing the manufacturing of hospital-grade, home-based medical devices, thus enhancing the accessibility and quality of healthcare for the local market.

Lennon Tan, President of SMF, expressed, “We are thrilled to announce this groundbreaking partnership with BUZUD, which marks a significant leap forward for our member companies in the healthcare sector. This partnership will launch the integration of SMF manufacturing members’ medical devices and products into the BUZUD Cloud Platform. For the first time, this platform will allow users to access readings from all connected devices in one consolidated view, revolutionizing the way health data is collected and utilized. This will simplify data accessibility for patients and healthcare professionals, enhancing the overall effectiveness of medical care. It also lowers barriers for manufacturers and fosters industry collaboration, empowering our members to compete on a global stage. The comprehensive support provided will be invaluable in driving innovation and solidifying Singapore’s position as a global leader in healthcare technology.”


From left to right – Lawrence leow, Frankie Fan, Chan Soo Sen, Dennis Mark, Lennon Tan, Mohan Kumar, Henry Tan


Empowering Healthcare Professionals and Patients

The REimagine Home Care event featured not only the significant partnership announcement and unveiling of BUZUD’s CGM technology but also hosted a series of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) seminars led by distinguished medical professionals. Attendees experienced first-hand the latest in medical devices and learned about the transformative effects of these innovations on patient care.

In a significant move by the Ministry of Health (MOH), subsidies have now been extended for CGM devices, including BUZUD’s cutting-edge system, for eligible diabetes patients, heralding a new chapter in the management and treatment of diabetes in Singapore. Frankie Fan, CEO of BUZUD, remarked, “BUZUD’s advanced CGM, part of our comprehensive healthcare ecosystem featuring a one-stop mobile health app, is just the beginning of our journey towards revolutionizing healthcare management and delivering real-time, efficient patient care.”



A Collaborative Future Ahead

The Health EXPO 2024 – REimagine Home Care event not only showcased the technological strides in Singapore’s healthcare sector but also emphasized the critical role of strategic partnerships in propelling the nation towards a healthcare revolution. BUZUD and SMF’s collaboration is set to redefine healthcare experiences for patients and practitioners, ensuring Singapore remains at the forefront of global healthcare innovation.





About SMF:

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) is the largest national organization representing the interests of manufacturing and manufacturing-related industries since 1932. Today, the SMF serves the manufacturing community by driving digitalization, innovation-led productivity, business transformation, and internationalization towards enhancing the competitiveness of its member companies.


About BUZUD:

BUZUD sets the industry standard by creating hospital-grade, home-based medical equipment. The company caters to patients, caregivers, and health-conscious individuals by offering a variety of innovative, top-quality affordable medical technologies and healthcare products, a step towards a significant reduction in medical costs for the Singapore public.


For more information about BUZUD and SMF’s partnership and innovative healthcare solutions, please visit and

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