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The Age of Centenarians: Singapore’s centenarians do everything on their own

The Age of Centenarians: Singapore’s centenarians do everything on their own

Celebrating his 100th year, Hong Weili maintains a remarkable independence that captivates the essence of longevity. Rising at 5 o’clock each morning, Grandpa Hong exemplifies self-sufficiency by preparing his nutritious breakfast of oatmeal milk and toast without assistance. Resolute in his aversion to dependence, he meticulously manages every aspect of his daily life.

Following breakfast, Grandpa Hong consistently monitors his blood pressure, revealing only mild hypertension amidst an otherwise robust physical state, free from chronic ailments. Though his hearing is slightly diminished, requiring elevated voices for communication, Grandpa Hong adheres to a disciplined routine to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Living a regimented life, Grandpa Hong dedicates half an hour to morning exercises, followed by a brief nap and a session on his massage chair. Subsequently, it’s time for some television. Daughter Hong Cuiying, residing with Grandpa Hong, oversees his daily sustenance and care. Remarkably, Grandpa Hong became a father at 23, having raised a total of 14 children, 18 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren.

Grandpa Hong attributes his longevity to the discipline of a regular life. Despite refraining from supplements and avoiding excessive eating, he relishes in a variety of relatively light, home-cooked meals. His dietary philosophy centers on consuming 70% of a meal and dressing warmly, emphasizing the importance of balanced and mindful eating.

An enthusiastic food lover, Grandpa Hong embarks on a weekly culinary adventure with his daughter, exploring various vendors via bus rides. His love for travel sees him venturing abroad several times a year, showcasing the vitality that transcends age.

Scholars emphasize the role of genetics in longevity, estimating that 20 to 30% of lifespan is influenced by genetic inheritance. However, they underscore the importance of individual efforts, stating, “The information encoded in our DNA affects all aspects of health, susceptibility to diseases, and lifespan.” Additionally, maintaining health through well-balanced meals and mindful eating habits is crucial.

Amidst this discussion on health and longevity, it is worth noting the significance of BUZUD ONE-STEP MICROALBUMINURIA TEST, a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that simplifies the detection of early kidney damage. Regular health check-ups, including tests for microalbuminuria, can contribute to proactive health management, aligning with Grandpa Hong’s commitment to a long and healthy life.

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