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What does a healthy vagina smell like?

What does a healthy vagina smell like?

Just make a quick trip to your neighbourhood pharmacy. You will discover a wall of goods that, like douching, claim to cover up the natural odour of your vagina. This practice of ‘cleaning’ the vagina is well known by the medical profession to be damaging to the normal balance of vaginal flora and can instead result in bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. And yes, we have also seen the advertising for scented tampons. And it appears to us that the world is misrepresenting vaginas yet again in all that flowery sunlight.

In actuality, there are billions of bacteria living in your vagina. Additionally, the specific make-up of these bacteria is constantly evolving, sometimes even hourly.

Changing smells are normal. These odour variations are probably caused by your menstrual cycle or your personal hygiene routine, or just you.

You don’t need to panic if your vagina doesn’t smell like pleasant fragrances and flowers. However, many people do love the vagina’s familiar fragrance. Vaginal discharge can change in scent (as well as consistency) depending on the time of the month.

What Is Normal Vaginal Odor, Anyway?

It is challenging to pinpoint the precise aroma of a healthy vagina because everyone has a varied sense of smell.  People have described their distinctive vaginal aroma as being sour, earthy, ripe, or even pungent.

The key is to understand what your “normal” fragrance is. Anyone who has a vagina is familiar with the  discomfort brought on by a novel or off-putting smell. Due to the vagina’s heightened sensitivity to environmental changes, anything that disturbs its delicate equilibrium will alter not just the discharge’s type and consistency but also how it smells.

What Causes Changes in Vaginal Odor?

Factors that influence the smell of the vagina include the use of antibiotics, douching, spermicide, new sexual partners, and frequency of intercourse. These elements can not only produce an odd odour but can also create other uncomfortable symptoms. Usually, in addition to a change in odour, you may also encounter additional signs that something is wrong with your vagina.


Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

A vaginal odour may result from an illness known as bacterial vaginosis. Your vagina has a balance of beneficial and bad germs. There is an imbalance of those bacteria when someone gets BV. BV makes your vagina smell fishy, particularly after intercourse. Additional signs include:

  • White or greyish vaginal discharge;
  • Discomfort, stinging, or burning;
  • Burning while you urinate
  • The outside of the vagina itches

Douching, not using condoms, having intercourse with numerous people or a new partner can all raise your risk of developing BV, while the exact origin of the condition is unknown.


Trichomonasis, popularly known as “trich,” is a typical sexually transmitted infection that also has an odour. Only around 30% of trichomoniasis patients experience symptoms. Clear, white, yellow, or green vaginal discharge with a fishy odour is one of these symptoms. Additional signs can include:

  • Genital itchiness, burning, redness, or pain
  • Discomfort while urination
  • Discomfort during sex

By engaging in unprotected sex with an infected partner, trichomoniasis can be transmitted.


Vaginal odor is also influenced by hygiene practices. Keep in mind that your vagina need regular cleaning just like any other body part. Sweat glands and hair follicles located in the vagina can attract bacteria and cause a pungent stench. Additionally, because the vagina is close to the anus, it’s essential to keep the area clean to prevent the growth of germs that can cause bad odors.

Your Diet

Your vaginal odor could change if you change your diet. Garlic, onions, mint, turmeric, blue cheese, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, red meat, and vinegar are some of the worst offenders. Things can also change below if you smoke, drink alcohol, or don’t drink enough water.


How Do You Get Rid of the Vaginal Odor?

What is causing your vaginal odor will determine how to get rid of it. Trichomonas infection will cause you to have: Medication will be used to treat you. But be warned that even after receiving treatment, you could contract trich again. Make sure you and your spouse get the help you need. If BV is the root of your vaginal odor, antibiotics will be prescribed to treat it. BV may return even after treatment.

A Quick Review

You can have a STI like trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis if you notice an unusual odor coming from your vagina. It’s also conceivable that the problem stems from anything in your diet. No matter how hygienic and in good health your vagina is, it probably won’t ever naturally smell like “citrusy bergamot and cedar absolutes.” Yet that it can smell good in its unique way.


Finding out whether your vaginal secretions are more acidic or alkaline can be done quickly and easily with BUZUD vaginal pH test. Knowing the pH of your vagina might help you determine whether any unusual symptoms you’re experiencing could be the result of a vaginal infection. You can determine if you need to call your provider or try OTC therapies based on the results of your test.



All information presented herein serves as a general guideline, and is not intended as dispensing any medical advice(s). User(s) should consult their doctor to seek further clarification for any doubt. It is recommended to refer to this guide with sole discretion, thereby we shall not be held responsible for any part of the information as presented.

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