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What is vaginal pH and how important to monitor it?

Do you know? Under normal circumstances, the pH value of the vagina is between 3.8-4.4. Numerous gynecological problems can develop when the pH of a woman's vagina changes. The female vagina has a pH value that is typically between 3.8 and 4.4, which is a slightly acidic environment. Women are protected against gynecological disorders by this environment, which frequently makes it difficult for microorganisms that are designed to reproduce in a...

What does a healthy vagina smell like?

Just make a quick trip to your neighbourhood pharmacy. You will discover a wall of goods that, like douching, claim to cover up the natural odour of your vagina. This practice of 'cleaning' the vagina is well known by the medical profession to be damaging to the normal balance of vaginal flora and can instead result in bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. And yes, we have also seen the...