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How to Recognize Kidney Failure: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Singapore is facing a significant challenge with kidney failure, boasting the highest rate globally, especially caused by diabetes. The statistics reveal one new patient diagnosis every 5 hours. Understanding the causes of kidney failure is paramount for prevention. Dr. Akira Wu, a renal physician at Mount...

Long-Term Kidney Impact After COVID-19 Recovery: A Closer Look

As we navigate over four years into the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent study sheds light on a concerning aspect—individuals recovering from acute kidney injury (AKI) linked to COVID-19 may need ongoing kidney monitoring even after leaving the hospital. COVID-19 has been recognized for causing AKI in...

Advancements in Diabetes Care Aim to Transform Lives

Continuous progress in research and innovation is reshaping the landscape of Type 2 diabetes management, aiming not only to ease daily routines for patients but also to explore preventive measures. While the familiar image of tender fingertips and painful injections persists, alternatives are increasingly prevalent,...

Dealing with Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

If you find yourself facing the persistent challenge of recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs), taking proactive measures can be crucial in preventing their onset. Unless you belong to the fortunate minority of women who have never encountered a UTI, you're likely familiar with the distressing...