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Best ways to prevent Urinary Tract Infection

Best ways to prevent Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection (UTI), often known as an infection of the urinary system, is a common affliction. The urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys may be affected by this. The lower urinary system, consisting of the bladder and urethra, is the site of most infections.

Typical signs and symptoms include frequent and painful urination, discomfort above the bladder. However, strong smells and cloudiness are not indicators of illness.

Women are more prone to UTIs, since women have a shorter urethra than men, making it easier for bacteria to enter the bladder. Due to the way reduced estrogen levels affect the vaginal and urethral tissues, UTIs are also more frequent in postmenopausal women.

If you’ve ever experienced a urinary tract infection, you are familiar with how uncomfortable and annoying they can be, especially if they recur frequently. While antibiotics will usually cure a UTI within a few days, there are some straightforward steps you may take to lessen your risk of developing one in the first place.

Preventing an infection is always preferable to simply treating it. The same applies to UTIs.

Take frequent bathroom breaks and drink lots of water. Flushing bacteria out of the bladder and urinary system before they can take hold is the simplest approach to avoid a UTI. It will be difficult to go too long without urinating if you are adequately hydrated.

Wipe from front to back. Bacteria frequently congregate near the anus, in particular after a bowel movement. They are less likely to reach the urethra if you wipe from front to back.

Clean up before and after having sex: Wash cleanly to ensure that the urethra is protected from microorganisms. Peeing after sex ensures that bacteria in the urinary tract is forced back out.

Avoid irritating feminine hygiene products. Avoid using douches, perfumed powders, deodorant sprays, and other potentially irritating feminine items.

The little tube that drains your bladder, the urethra, can get contaminated during sexual activity. Voiding after sexual activity gets rid of some of the bacteria before it may infect you.

Although cranberry supplements have not been proven to prevent urinary tract infections in studies, there is a plausible biologic mechanism that suggests that them might be beneficial. If you want to try this strategy, think about switching from cranberry juice to a concentrated over-the-counter cranberry supplement. It most likely offers greater advantages and lessens added sugar, which is generally included in juice.

Check your birth control options. You may be more likely to develop a UTI if you use a diaphragm, spermicide, or spermicide-lubricated condom because they can all promote bacterial growth. If you frequently experience UTIs while using one of these birth control methods, consider switching to a water-based lubricant to relieve vaginal dryness.

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