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BUZUD Singapore Unveils Revolutionary New Hearing Aids and Store Opening in Square 2 with a 50% off hearing aid promotion to benefit the hearing-impaired population

BUZUD Singapore Unveils Revolutionary New Hearing Aids and Store Opening in Square 2 with a 50% off hearing aid promotion to benefit the hearing-impaired population

Singapore, 5th June 2023 – BUZUD, FOSUN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, the leading medical device brand hailing from Singapore, is excited to introduce its newest range of hearing aids, set to redefine the hearing aid market. In addition, BUZUD is launching a new outlet in Square 2 on June 22nd, 2023.

As healthcare technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, BUZUD remains dedicated to offering personalised solutions that meet people’s needs. “Our research and development on hearing aids can be traced back to 2006. Today, we hold multiple patents on hearing aid technology that are not only far ahead in the industry, but also applied to various internationally acclaimed hearing aid brands. ” Said Frankie Fan, CEO of BUZUD. “We aim to utilize our cutting-edge technology to benefit those who truly need it. As a factory-based manufacturer, we strive to keep our hearing aids prices affordable for those with hearing impairments.”

Studies estimate that around 5% to 7% of the Singaporean population has varying degrees of hearing loss. This problem increases with age with around 40% of individuals aged 60 and above having some form of hearing impairment. Understanding the challenges faced by this segment of the population, BUZUD has brought its proprietary line of cutting-edge hearing aids at affording prices. These hearing aids are developed, patented and manufactured in-house and provide protection against high volume sounds, while also ensuring better communication in noisy surroundings. All the BUZUD hearing aids are approved by Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

BUZUD Hearing Aids Special Features & Advanced Technology

– Selective Listening

Choose what you want to hear. BUZUD hearing aids have a unique feature where users can select the area they wish to listen – Front, back, or rear area, providing seamless control over the hearing range to suit their exact needs.

– Patented Bone Conduction Technology

BUZUD developed innovative bone conduction technology designed to prevent further hearing loss. It effectively bypasses any issue within the outer or middle ear, and facilitates direct transmission of sound vibration to the inner ear, thus improving sound clarity. The hearing aids also offer advanced noise filtering, as well as directional microphones and signal-to-noise ratio optimization, among other features that significantly improve performance in different sound environments.

– Artificial Intelligence Adopted

BUZUD integrated the latest AI technology into its hearing aids to help users take greater control of their hearing experiences. Users can link their hearing aids and perform custom tests to determine their hearing condition on their own. The AI technology also provides recommendations for optimal hearing aid settings. The control features in the mobile phone app allow for easy management of the user’s hearing experience, from adjusting settings all the way to noise-cancellation and switching between the various modes available.

– Waterproof and Noise-Free

Waterproof, adaptable noise-cancelling mode with easy one-click adjustments for optimal hearing experiences indoors or outdoors.

Portable Charging Case, Long Lasting Battery Life

BUZUD hearing aids are made of long-lasting batteries that can last up to 72 hours, fully charge in about 20 minutes on the go with a portable fast-charging case that fits perfectly in your pocket.


Different types of hearing aids available through BUZUD include the D26 behind-the-ear(BTE) model, the A51 and W6 in-the-ear(ITE) models, and the W3 receiver-in-the-ear(RITE) model. BUZUD understands that finding the right hearing aid can be challenging, so customers are welcome to try out the products in BUZUD’s showroom at Raffles Hospital or the newly opened Square 2 outlet.


Speaking of which, BUZUD is excited to announce the opening of the new branch on 22nd June 2023, located at 10 Sinaran Dr, Square 2 #03-21, Singapore 307506. The new outlet offers a dedicated space for customers to learn about BUZUD’s suite of healthcare technology solutions with expert guidance ensuring the perfect fit and functionality for their products. Operating hours for the new outlet are from 10am to 9pm daily.

To celebrate the new branch opening and benefit Singapore’s hearing-impaired population, BUZUD is currently offering a promotional 50% discount on all hearing aids, with prices starting at $699+. The promotion will further celebrate National Day Parade (NDP) and run until 31st August, 2023.

For more information, please visit BUZUD’s outlets or official website



BUZUD manufactures a wide-range of home-based medical devices including oxygen concentrators, blood glucose and uric acid monitors, portable electrocardiogram or ECG heart monitors, ventilators and a variety of lifestyle devices including smartwatches that bring medical control back to the consumer.

Established in 2006 in China, the company opened in Singapore in 2020 and is currently building a new factory and research and development centre. BUZUD plans to open 20 retail experience outlets across the island from 2023.

BUZUD is committed to raising awareness of the importance of personal health management in order to mitigate health risks that can affect quality of life. Our aftercare service offers replacements within 24 hours as part of our service excellence.

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