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Buzud’s Male Fertility Sperm Test is Here

Buzud’s Male Fertility Sperm Test is Here

[Singapore, 5 January, 2023] – Singapore’s fast growing leading manufacturer of medical devices and appliances BUZUD, launches Male Fertility Sperm Test for Self-Testing that is designed and produced in 2 configurations: cassette type and strip type. Male Fertility Sperm Test is a fast, easy and reliable self-testing kit that allows you to conduct the test at your own comfort and convenience. Total time to take the test requires minimum 30-40min and up to 70 min, and the results attained proved its accuracy in more than 98.7%, based on conducted clinical evaluation. 

Male Fertility Sperm Test for Self-Testing is designed for the rapid qualitative detection of specific protein 10 (SP10) in human semen samples. This protein is a post meiotic gene product expressed only in the testicles and selectively in spermatids, so the concentration of SP10 is proportional to sperm concentration. The World Health Organization (2010) has defined a reference value of 15 million sperm/ml or more for a normal semen analysis reading. The Male Fertility Sperm Test is a rapid qualitative test detecting the presence of sperm in human semen at 15 million sperm/ml and above. It is for in vitro, over the counter use only. For attaining accurate results, the subject that takes the test must pay very careful attention to the instruction pamphlet included in the kit, and follow the steps included. 

This test will allow you to quickly identify whether your sperm count is considered within normal limits. 

The procedure of BUZUD Male Fertility Sperm Test for Self Testing is described in details in the Instruction of use pamphlet and have to be followed precisely in order to achieve correct results. The self-testing procedure can be briefly explained by the required steps, that are: 

  1. STEP 1: Collect your semen sample
  2. STEP 2: Preparation of sample (min 20 minutes, and up to 60 min)
  3. STEP 3: Perform the test (requires 5-10 min only) 

The interpretation of results of the Male Fertility Sperm Test for Self Testing kits by BUZUD, Fosun Trade Medical Devices, are as follow: if both C and T red lines appear in the viewing window, it means that result is positive, if only C line appear in the viewing window, that means the result is negative, and if result show only T line, that indicates that test was invalid, and you should repeat procedure with a new test, but only in 48 hours. 

PLEASE NOTE: A negative result indicates that your sperm count is less than 15 million per millilitre, which is below that of most fertile men. However, the result of this test alone does not prove infertility, as there are other factors affecting fertility. It is recommended to repeat the test in 7 days time, but no longer than 3 weeks time, if result is still negative, you should consult a specialist for further assistance. Same applies to the positive result, the Male Fertility Sperm Test alone does not prove fertility, but only prove that sperm concentration in the semen sample is above 15 million/ml, as there are variety of factors that cause infertility in addition to sperm concentration. If a couple cannot conceive after a year or longer time of normal and unprotected intercourse, it is recommended to consult a specialist. 

Each of the BUZUD’s Cassette Male Fertility Sperm Test for Self Testing supply kit included: 1 Test Cassette (individually foil pouched), a desiccant (for storage purpose only, not for the test procedure), 1 Sperm Transfer Device (individually foil pouched), 1 Sample Dilution Tube, including dilution (individually foil pouched) and instruction for use. The Storage of the either of BUZUD Male Fertility Sperm Test for Self Testing kits allowed until the expiration date, the test before use should be kept only in sealed pouch, and stored in room temperatures from 2 C to 35 C, but must not be frozen in any case. 

Male Fertility Sperm Test for Self-Testing both cassette type and strip type, are available for purchase in multiple package options: from 1 test in a box only to 100 tests in per box. 

Both types offered for customers by BUZUD Male Fertility Sperm Test for Self Testing kits are now available for sale online and in-store. For online purchase please refer to the following links on the BUZUD web-site and online shop:

Male Fertility Sperm Test for Self Testing

Written by Liubov Kyrychenko, edited by Goh Jing Yuan

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