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CustomerCare provides various services to our customers, including before, during and after sales services. Our customers are our most important Assets, and so we strive to deliver the highest quality service.

Our Services






Our Services

  • Rental

    Our Buzud Oxygen Concentrator SZ-5BW-5L is now available for rent!

    The rental unit will include 1 main Oxygen Concentrator unit with attached accessories- 1 nebulizer tubing and a mouthpiece. 2 complimentary nasal cannulas will be included, which the customer need not return these pieces.

    You can be assured that we adhere to the strictest hygienic practices with professional disinfection for each rental unit prior to use.


    Current rates:

    Deposit: SGD350, which is refundable upon return of the unit.

    Rental: SGD15 per day, with a minimum 14-day rental tenure.


    Please speak to our staff at our showroom for more information.

  • Seminar

    We regularly attend various healthcare seminars and talks. For more information on inviting us to a seminar or attending one, please give us a call or consult our in-house staff to ask for more details.

  • Delivery

    We can arrange for delivery services for both local and overseas* delivery for all of our products. Please give us a call or consult our in-house staff to ask for more details and to make arrangements.

    *Overseas includes most countries, excluding any countries currently under trade sanctions with Singapore.

  • Aftersales

    Our aftersales services consist of our repair and exchange services under our warranty. In the case of manufacturing defects or product flaws, customers can contact us or bring any of our products (along with their invoice) to our showroom for our repair and exchange services. We will attempt to repair the product on the spot, or in the case of it being unable to be repaired, we will exchange the product for a new product.