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Navigating the Diabetes Diet: Foods to Skip for Better Health

It's more important to make informed food choices than to give up on a colourful and varied diet when you have diabetes. We understand that it might be difficult, particularly in the beginning when you're learning how to modify your dietary regimen. Maintaining a healthy blood glucose level can be greatly impacted by knowing which meals to avoid. Reducing the consumption of foods heavy in sugar, harmful fats, and processed carbs...

Cracking the Code: Unraveling Causes and Treatments of Gestational Diabetes

Causes of high blood sugar in pregnant women Basic cause: Some pregnant women acquire gestational diabetes as a result of a variety of physiological changes that occur to them after conception, including increased glucose requirements, increased insulin resistance, and relatively insufficient insulin secretion. Predisposing factors: - Pregnant factors: Overweight or obese, multiparous, having gained excessive weight before getting pregnant, being short in stature, having a low birth weight, being polycystic, and...