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Breathe Easier with BUZUD: A Solution to Air Pollution

In today's world, air pollution is an ever-growing concern that significantly impacts global health. According to a recent article in The Straits Times, air pollution has been linked to approximately 13.5 million early deaths since 1980, with noticeable spikes during severe climate events. This alarming statistic underscores the urgent need for effective measures to combat the health risks associated with poor air quality. One practical and immediate solution for individuals seeking...

Oxygen for Pregnancy

The health of the expectant mother and the unborn child is enhanced by increasing oxygen flow Due to hormonal changes and increased demands from their growing infants, pregnant women need 20% extra oxygen. As the baby develops and grows, it may occasionally cause discomfort or difficulty breathing because it may be pressing against the diaphragm. Is it normal to feel breathless in pregnancy? For 60–70% of expecting mothers, shortness of breath is a...