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Insulin Storage 101: The Right Way to Keep Your Medication Effective

You must understand how to store insulin if you utilize insulin therapy in order for it to maintain its potency and continue to function. Safe syringe disposal reduces the risk of damage to others nearby. INSULIN STORAGE Insulin is light- and temperature-sensitive. Temperature extremes and sunlight can have an impact on insulin's effectiveness. This could account for variations in blood glucose regulation. Insulin will remain stable if it is stored properly. The insulin...

Insulin and Temperature: The Crucial Connection You Can’t Ignore

It's true that the potent liquid that keeps you healthy is temperature sensitive. A vial or pen of insulin is highly particular about temperature; it should never be too hot or cold. Let's examine how to protect your insulin against extreme heat and cold in more detail. The right temperature for storing unopened insulin When stored in your refrigerator, an insulin vial or pen should be kept between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit....