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The Leading Global Medical Manufacturer For REimagined Healthcare Technological Devices


BUZUD Singapore is a world-class medical equipment manufacturer providing a wide range of solutions to meet a variety of healthcare needs. Through the use of groundbreaking and innovative medical technologies, our commitment to the development of quality medical devices is second to none.

Established in 2006, BUZUD Singapore provides medical and healthcare services in two ways:

  1. Develop and manufacture superior medical equipment to ensure that every healthcare need is met.
  2. Raise awareness of the importance of personal health management.

Therefore, with our diverse range of medical devices and solutions, we aim to mitigate different health risks and factors that can affect a person’s quality of life.


Empowering You With The Knowledge You Need To Manage Your Personal Health

BUZUD Singapore is committed to continuously improving the healthcare industry through a model that combines medical care needs with personal health management.

We believe that the first step to improving personal health management is to become more aware of your personal health situation by choosing the right medical equipment that meets your needs. With BUZUD Singapore products, your family, doctors or caregivers will be able to receive your medical data easily, thereby reducing your health risks through a convenient mode of health monitoring.

With a better understanding of your health situation, you can reach out to us about any types of healthcare needs so that we are able to develop more suitable medical solutions and better systems that can help to alleviate those health issues.

This is the spirit of BUZUD Singapore. This is the future of healthcare. 


BUZUD Singapore – REimagined Healthcare

Mission, Vision and Core Values


To transform personal health management by empowering everyday people with knowledge and healthcare solutions to achieve their personal health and wellness goals.


To be a world-class healthcare hub with a comprehensive suite of personalised healthcare solutions.

Core Values

At BUZUD Singapore, your health is at the heart of everything we do. We pay great attention to feedback from the ground and the healthcare industry so that we can fully meet all your medical needs. Through innovation and research, we hope to empower everyone to take control and manage their personal health.


Certified and recognised by global agencies and associations, BUZUD Singapore’s products are trusted and known for their high performance and quality.


The Future Of Healthcare. REimagined.

The health of every person who walks through our doors remains the top priority to the BUZUD Singapore team. We believe that as a contributor in the medical industry, we have the obligation and responsibility to care for each one of you. Therefore, the primary goal of BUZUD Singapore is to provide more people with the tools and knowledge on how to manage their personal health.

Personal health management is a joint effort. As a medical device manufacturer, our job is to understand the healthcare needs of the people and provide the appropriate solutions. With our wide range of quality, cutting edge technologies, we believe we are able to meet everyone’s health and medical needs.

Moving forward, we hope to increase our engagement with industry partners and key stakeholders in order to understand market needs and continue to improve the healthcare landscape in Singapore and around the world.

Mr Frankie Fan

Chief Executive Officer, BUZUD Singapore


Empowering Customers With Knowledge To Manage Their Personal Health

BUZUD Singapore is committed to continually enhance the healthcare industry through our model of integrating healthcare needs with personal health management. We believe that by empowering customers with knowledge on how to manage their personal health, they will be more aware of their personal conditions, and be able to choose the correct medical device to serve their healthcare needs.

And with more knowledge on their personal health, customers can provide BUZUD Singapore with more information on their healthcare needs, and thereby helping us in developing healthcare medical devices that are better suited to resolve or alleviate their medical issues.

This is the BUZUD Singapore way. This is the future of healthcare.

BUZUD Singapore – REimagined Healthcare