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Joined by BUZUD, Unistop Tech Pte Ltd and Mr. R Redefine Retail with Innovative Collaboration

Joined by BUZUD, Unistop Tech Pte Ltd and Mr. R Redefine Retail with Innovative Collaboration

SINGAPORE, January 2024 – Unistop Tech Pte Ltd, a pioneer in AI-driven robotic store solutions, proudly announces its collaboration with Mr. R vending machine and BUZUD, introducing a revolutionary concept in the retail landscape. This strategic partnership aims to combine the cutting-edge capabilities of Unistop Tech’s robotic stores with the convenience and accessibility of BUZUD’s test kits, along with the exposure opportunities for BUZUD. The result is an unparalleled shopping experience at the Esplanade Exchange.

Established in February 2020, Unistop Tech has been at the forefront of transforming the retail industry by introducing state-of-the-art AI-driven robotic store solutions. These innovative systems not only enhance operational efficiency but also redefine the customer shopping experience. Unistop Tech’s robotic stores operate 24/7 without the need for human staff, drastically reducing fixed costs by over 90%.

Key features of Unistop Tech’s robotic store solutions include a real-time inventory management system, ensuring product availability and eliminating stockouts. Leveraging AI-powered analytics and reporting, these systems provide valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling retailers to optimize store operations effectively. Additionally, Unistop Tech’s robotic stores are adaptable to various business environments, making them ideal for supermarkets, convenience stores, and specialty retailers.

The collaboration with Mr. R takes this innovative retail approach to the next level. Mr. R, stationed at Esplanade Exchange, nearest to Esplanade MRT (Circle Line), now features Unistop Tech’s robotic store solution with a focus on health and well-being. Currently hosting nine of BUZUD’s test kits including HCG pregnancy, LH ovulation, male fertility, FSH, vaginal pH, urinary tract infections, H.Pylori antigen, fecal occult blood and Microalbuminuria rapid test, this collaboration offers customers unparalleled ease and convenience in purchasing essential health products.

Each of these test kits addresses specific health concerns, ranging from pregnancy and fertility to urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal health. This comprehensive range reflects BUZUD’s commitment to providing accessible and innovative health solutions.

BUZUD, a key collaborator in this venture, aims to bring additional value to the partnership. BUZUD is committed to providing ease and convenience in purchasing, aligning with the shared vision of enhancing the overall customer experience. Furthermore, BUZUD sees this collaboration as an opportunity to gain exposure and showcase its innovative solutions to a broader audience.

“We are thrilled to welcome BUZUD to this groundbreaking collaboration,” says Irene Zhu, CEO and founder at Unistop Tech. “By joining forces with BUZUD, we aim to not only provide customers with seamless access to essential health products but also to offer BUZUD exposure and visibility in the retail space.”

BUZUD’s collaboration adds a strategic layer to the partnership, emphasizing the commitment to ease and convenience in the purchasing process. Customers visiting the robotic store at Esplanade Exchange can now experience not only the cutting-edge technology from Unistop Tech but also the innovative solutions and exposure opportunities provided by BUZUD.

“We believe in making quality health solutions easily accessible, and our collaboration with Unistop Tech and Mr. R is a testament to this commitment,” adds Frankie Fan, founder of BUZUD. “This partnership not only enhances the customer experience but also allows us to showcase the convenience and innovation BUZUD brings to the retail landscape.”

This collaboration marks a significant step in the retail industry, demonstrating how technological advancements, health-focused products, and innovative solutions from BUZUD can come together to redefine the customer shopping experience. Unistop Tech, Mr. R, and BUZUD invite the public to experience this groundbreaking collaboration at Esplanade Exchange and witness the future of retail unfold.



For media inquiries, please contact:

BUZUD Singapore
Ms Brilynne Zhang
Marketing & Communications
DID: +65 9130 9502


About BUZUD:

BUZUD Singapore is a world-class medical equipment manufacturer providing a wide range of solutions to meet a variety of healthcare needs. Through the use of groundbreaking and innovative medical technologies, our commitment to the development of quality medical devices is second to none. The collaboration with Unistop Tech and Mr. R represents BUZUD’s dedication to providing ease and convenience in the purchasing process while gaining exposure in the retail market.


About Unistop Tech Pte Ltd:

Unistop Tech Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company established in February 2020, specializing in AI-driven robotic store solutions for the retail industry. The company’s innovative systems enhance operational efficiency, redefine the shopping experience, and provide valuable insights through AI-powered analytics.


About Mr. R vending machine:

Mr. R vending machine is located at Esplanade Exchange, offering a convenient location for essential health products. With a focus on providing accessible and high-quality health solutions, Mr. R aims to redefine the retail experience for customers.

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