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Buzud REimagined Healthcare Experience 16 Dec 2022

Buzud REimagined Healthcare Experience 16 Dec 2022

[Singapore, 30 December, 2022] – On 16th December 2022, Buzud invited more than 100 guests to the Buzud REimagined Healthcare Experience at Nalati Restaurant and Events, Raffles Place, where talks about personal healthcare management were held. Guest speaker Dr Yeo Seem Huat was also present to speak to the audience about the importance of sleep with regards to our physical and mental wellness, and shared with them the benefits of using devices such as Buzud’s many products to monitor our health conditions. Devices such as the Buzud Oxygen Concentrator SZ-5BW-5L, the Safe AQ UG Blood Glucose and Uric Acid Monitoring System, various Buzud Blood Pressure Monitors like the U82RH and C02, and the handheld ECG device Health Monitor Checkme Lite were available, and guests were invited to try them out and experience the benefits of these machines for themselves. The event successfully concluded with dinner and a lucky draw, with the prize being one of the much-lauded Buzud Oxygen Concentrator SZ-BW-5L.

About Buzud (pronounced [‘bʌzud])

Established in 2006, BUZUD Singapore provides medical and healthcare services by developing and manufacturing HSA-approved medical equipment to ensure that every healthcare need is met. BUZUD is committed to raising awareness of the importance of personal health management in order to mitigate health risks that can affect quality of life. Our aftercare service offers replacements within 24 hours as part of our service excellence.

Buzud retail is located at 585 North Bridge Road, #01-02, Raffles Hospital.

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